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Read before you start

1. Name of your Clan/Multigaming

2. Social page address

3. Number of subscribers / sembers

4. Contact address (E-mail)

5. What services you interested in

6. How many people in your team

7. How many weeks(!) do your actual lineup play together

8. How many weeks(!) do your team use your Clan name

9. How old is your Clan/Multigaming where the team play? (In weeks)

10. How many reborns do you have with this team

11. Steam community page (If you have)

12. Online results (Current team)
One per line:
League name - Result

13. Current sponsors
(If you have)
One per line:
Sponsor - sponsored services

14. Old sponsors
(If you have)
One per line:
Sponsor - Why ended the sponsorship

15. Why us (In a few words)

Verification code:

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  • We can give 50-100% discount (yes even for free) from our prices if your team already has good online and/or offline results with an outstanding website where you can place our logos to advertise.
  • Take in mind: We do not provide free servers, except your team is in national top 3!

Sponsorship application form

  • Since we have getting a lot of e-mails about sponsorship its very complicated to filter the correct teams so we cannot response them. We've created this application form to make this easier and better for both sides. Your application will be added to a database, where we'll summarise the sign ups to choose the best teams. If your team will be chosen, we will contact you in e-mail.
  • We summarise the applications once in a month
  • Currently the validation time of an application is two months (this will be changed)

Automated rejection for the followings:

  • More than one application for a team.
  • False datas in the applicataion.
  • No facebook or any social sites.
  • Few and poor results.
  • Asking the result of the applicaton (If you chosen, we will contact you anyway!).